Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peak Writing Times

Each of us has times of the day when we are much more productive than others. These are the times when we are at our peak performance levels and we should schedule to do most of our writing during these times without interruption. Of course, interruptions are all around us. But it is important for serious writers to limit such interruptions to after they are finished their important writing tasks for the day.
Many writers find that it is easier to write first thing in the morning when they are fresh. They usually refrain from checking email, opening their snail mail, or answering the telephone. They set a one to two hour block of time to do their writing consistently. Such writers are most successful in maintaining their writing regiment.
I am such a writer. As some of you know, I wake up each morning an hour earlier than any of my family members and just sit and write for at least an hour. I find these times really quiet and I can concentrate most during such times. I have been writing in the mornings for over twenty years and it has become so ingrained in me that if I don't write, I feel like something important is missing in my life.
Some writers find that it is easier for them to write later in the evening once dinner is done and over with and the kids and husband are watching television. All you have to do is skip one or two regular shows on television that you could do without and you have a writing schedule in place. Consistency is the key when you are setting up a writing schedule. And there is nothing more consistent than a daily television program.
If you don't yet know when you write best, you could discover your peak performance times by writing at different times. You could start by writing in the morning for a while. Set your alarm for a half an hour earlier and sit down and write for a few weeks and see how things go. Then try writing in the evening, and see if that is a better time for you. Then once you have determined what your peak writing time is, schedule to write during those times at least four times a week, and see your confidence as a writer soar.
Once you discover your peak writing times, it will be much easier for you to get your writing done.
To discovering your peak writing times!

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